< Building the next generation crypto gaming platform />

We believe that everything can always be better and we won’t settle for less


Live Interactive is at the forefront of the crypto revolution, developing innovative casino software solutions for an exciting range of clients. Founded in Summer 2019, and based in the modern Graphix building in Sofia, our team has already assisted in launching an international brand to market which serves tens of thousands of users all across the globe. Our team is working on cutting-edge software which will break crypto gaming through the big time.

We currently have a crack unit of hard-working, capable and helpful people who all work together to deliver our vision – to build the biggest crypto casino platform in the world. After starting with only 3 people, we’re currently a ~40 people strong group of elite engineers, product gurus and devOps dynamos and we’re growing that number all the time. We’re always happy to hear from passionate, thoughtful and cool people to help us achieve our dreams so please reach out.


Our Values

We respect each other

We value our people, encourage their development and reward their performance. We believe that respect is a key requirement for a healthy work environment, promotes teamwork and boosts the productivity. Our employees know they are valued for their qualities, skills and achievements, and their role is equally important to the company’s success.

We keep our commitments

We value the say/do ratio and we’re always aiming at a parity there. We care, we own our products, we keep our commitments and celebrate our results with all the stakeholders. We’re personally accountable for our success.

Flat and self-organised

Our cross-functional teams are self-organised and autonomous. We have an independent way of thinking and well-established decision making processes. We value the decisions, and we believe that a non-perfect, but working decision is always better than no decision. Technical and product support discussions are won with facts and reason, not with job titles.

Talent meets personal passion

We help our colleagues to be themselves and inspire them to achieve results well beyond their own expectations. Our team is great mixture with talented people, each of them bringing diversity to the table, driving the constant innovation and success within the company. We have passion in all we do!

We default to transparency and honesty

We’re strong believers in transparent and honest relationships within the company. Sharing information in accessible way with everyone has a positive impact, allowing everyone in the team to have the exact same visibility towards the company goals.

Great over perfect, but holding to high standards

We’re always aiming at building a great product for our customers and constantly innovate on it. But we’re a startup and we’re perfectly fine with things being great, but not perfect, iterating on them towards perfection. We do that by adhering to high standards and technical excellence – that’s in our DNA.

The Perks


Work-life balance is key. Our team enjoys 25 days of paid vacation each year on top of national holidays, parental leave, and sick leave.


We’re proud to provide additional health insurance for all of our colleagues, which covers various expenses.


We are making sure that you and your family are always taken care, of even in case something bad happens with you.


Everyone in the team gets a MultiSport card, so they can practise the sports they love.


Professional growth is always encouraged! On top of our learning and development budget, we also provide a Udemy subscription, so that you have an access to courses to up-level your skills. You can also attend to a conference or training as part of your personal development budget?


Apart from the high-end IT and office equipment - everyone of you has a personal budget to make your home office experience better and help you do your best work - e.g. large monitor, nice pair of headphones, microphone, etc.


We value the flexibility and everyone's time, so we have embraced the hybrid working model. We don't have a strict policy and believe in the self-organising capabilities of each team. While we strongly believe that the face to face communication is vital to a successful organization and get together in the office for Sprint plannings and other important meetings - you can work from home whenever you need to, maintaining the right work-family-life balance .

Are you up to the challenge ?